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  • Jana Keller

A Never Ending Holiday

HOUSESITTING around the world; German Edition is finally available!

My name is Jana and I don't have a home or many homes. My life partner Joe and I have been travelling the world as a house-sitting couple for three and a half years and we live in the homes of strangers. I have always been fascinated by interesting houses and the question I always ask myself is: "How did the people get to this house, what is their life like and are they happy in it?"

Finally, I am allowed to collect the stories of these people, to experience the houses myself and to write our own story in them. The result is a moving book about the kindness of strangers, the search for freedom and the courage to follow one's dreams.

I would be delighted if you would like to accompany us on our journey: My book '

A Never Ending Holiday - HOUSESITTING AROUND THE WORLD' is now finally available as an eBook in German (to order HERE) and as a print edition (e.g. HERE) or directly in your bookshop via VLB (Verzeichnis Lieferbarer Bücher).

First readers feedbacks...

Laura Adjunct Prof. of Finance South Carolina, USA

I highly recommend this book to any reader interested in exploring the world either from your couch or in person. It is engaging, entertaining, and conducive to positive, proactive thoughtfulness.

Brooke Business Owner Hawaii, USA

A great read for anyone wanting to know the reality of diving into this kind of travel lifestyle, from the day-to-day to the big adventures.

Dörte Editor-in-Chief Zürich, SWITZERLAND

Just skimmed it, I love it already. Can't wait to dig into it. Good writing style pulls you into the book immediately, mental cinema is on - chapeau!


Town Planner

London, UK

I really enjoyed reading this fascinating account of how to pack up your conventional life and take a step into the unknown

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