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An end is always a fresh start

Updated: Jan 3, 2019

With a crying and a laughing eye, we announce the closure of our store 'ROYAL BLUSH & friends' by the end of January 2019.

'ROYAL BLUSH & friends' was a limited-time pilot project created by Jana Keller, founder and designer of the brand ROYAL BLUSH - which started in December 2016 as a POP-UP Store. Due to the great response of the clientele, the decision was taken to continue and expand the store on Gerbergasse Basel. With nearly 40 international and national ecological and fair brands, 'ROYAL BLUSH & friends' was born with a unique selection. The continuation of the worldwide distribution of the own brand ROYAL BLUSH and new creations were in addition to the management, was a rather big commitment to the Basler and her life partner. She managed the two companies independently, from the concept through the website to the assortment design - nothing should be left to chance.

"I was aware that the continuation of the pop-up store 'ROYAL BLUSH & friends' will be a time and physical challenge. Still, I did not want to miss the opportunity to find out how far it can thrive on the small format alone. "

The idea and business plan of a holistic store concept - for which investors and other partners are still sought after - were developed during the development of an earlier project, the B2B fair Greenshowroom (renamed to: NeoNyt), which has since been sold to Messe Frankfurt.

 "Through the daily presence in the shop, the purchase and the production, I became aware of how the store concept needs to be further developed. It should be much more than just a concept store - I have the vision of a place for a new consciousness! Aesthetic products with stories, a place to enjoy and feel good, time for yourself and the family - content far above the general concept of sustainability (this remains secret for the moment). Since there are other plans for our current space, the time has come to give this new idea more room to thrive. "

So Jana Keller justifies her decision to put on a sabbatical, after that (or meanwhile?) one may look forward to further collections. During this time, you will continue to be provided with news or developments to help grow the new vision. Visualize and accelerate the materialization or give the new project 2 minutes of your time to participate in the survey about your needs:


"My main motivation remains to inspire and inform people for a more conscious lifestyle, affecting positively as many people as possible."


Jana Keller




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