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  • Jana Keller

Next collective meditations...

"Many minds unified are more powerful than many alone."

Meditation is a simple and for everybody accessible way to strengthen yourself and the collective consciousness. Meditation is also known to promote the flow of constructive thoughts and positive emotions. If we meditate synchronized with one another, the radius of this positive influence expands.

Since we do not know the life plan of our loved ones, energetic workers keep alerting us to not blindly 'ordering' health and peace to the world and our fellow human beings, unless we are asked to do so. Love, on the other hand, is supportive and still allows the individual the freedom to go their own way.

Therefore we cordially invite you to meditate with us for love. A possibility to strengthen each other and to connect with like-minded people, friends and families also in times where it might not be possible physically or electronically.

-> The meditation takes place every first weekend of the month at the same time (CET - Central European Time). We have created the best possible schedule across the global time zones to ensure it is possible as a collective. Here you can find the date and time of the meditation for your time zone:

Everyone can participate, whether already meditating or not. Continue with your own technique or follow this guide for the upcoming meditation:

1. Bring yourself into a relaxed state of consciousness and simply sit or lie down comfortably.

2. Express your intention that resulting energies exclusively serve the highest benefit of all.

3. Imagine pure love and warm golden light gently cradling our planet, feel how every cell in you breathes this love and light until a pleasant warmth spreads in your body. Let emerging thoughts pass with your exhale ... The recommended time for meditation is 20 minutes

We hope to 'meet' in the realm of meditation!


Jana & Team

If you would like to be reminded of the monthly meditation follow us on:

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