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Cozy-up for winter

Alpaca and other animal hair. In the cold season, cold creeps in any little gap and under winter jackets - you would prefer to stay in the warmth. At ROYAL BLUSH you will find wool products in urban flair: through the nature-conscious production a hint of the wild steppe remains between the stitches and we are protected in style against the cold. Alpaca, Cashmere and Merino products are wonderfully soft and envelop us with gentle tenderness. The animal-friendly production is of great importance especially with these materials.

ALPACA Alpaca, the new alternative to cashmere, is now also gaining ground in the luxury industry. Due to the extra-long hair, the Alpaca fiber has a soft, luxurious and silky feel. In addition to the properties of other natural fibers, Alpaca is durable, warmer (but balancing) and does not contain lanolin, making it hypoallergenic. Due to its high-altitude life, the alpaca fleece contains microscopic air pockets that, like human hair, have an exceptional insulation value and allow for lightweight clothing. A property that makes them a popular travel companion. Our waistcoats, blazers and even woven Baby Alpaca pants can be rolled up, reducing unnecessary weight and protect against uncomfortable air conditioning. They are great to combine with alpaca knit sweaters, tunics and caftans (dresses). These products are made by Peruvian artisans under fair conditions. All alpacas roam freely in the Andes.

CASHMERE Of course we also carry our well-loved cashmere. Our cashmere sweaters in all colors are twisted, spun and knitted in 100% cashmere by family run businesses in Germany. One of the reasons why they are even washable. The cashmere scarves are from a project of a single cashmere herd from Mongolia being one of the first certified cashmere goat herds. This allows the certainty that the animals are kept appropriately. They are handspun, -woven and -embroidered in the Himalayan region by women. This work allows them to live independently, with school for their children and medical support. The designer explains it with simple words: The Luxury of Truth. This small series is newly also available for our little ones!

MERINO The sweaters and scarves mentioned above are also available at a lower pricelevel with the merino wool. At ROYAL BLUSH & friends only mulesing free wool is used.

What does mulesing mean?

Mulesing is a very painful method for Merino sheep that came up in Australia. Breeding them with more skin generates greater wool production. However, as parasites nest in the extra folds of the skin, large flesh pieces of skin are cut off at their rear to prevent it - this without anesthetic. We think: Let's not mess with nature! Tip: Ask at Merino Wool shops about Mulesing to stop this non-sense!

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