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Dip-Dye Workshop - 25.8.2018

Updated: Aug 18, 2018

How to use natural dyes and creating your unique items! Johanna is visiting us again to share her knowledge, showing us how easy it is to dye using natural dyes.

From an early age Johanna is inspired by nature, with her beautiful colors and facets. So it's no wonder she uses pure plant colors for her collections, which are extracted without harmful chemical conversion. Flowers, roots, stems and seeds, which grow naturally and often remain unused, serve us as an ecological colorant.

Date: Saturday, 25/08/2018 Time: 5 pm Meeting point: ROYAL BLUSH & friends, Gerbergasse 70, Basel Duration: approx. 2 hours Content Theory: Introduction to vegetable colors and staining mixtures Practical part: mixing of plant colors, sample dyeing, dying with dye (dip-dye), dyeing a blouse, T-shirt or a brought light garment (natural fibers such as cotton, silk, linen, etc.) Costs: 1. Free participation in the purchase of a blouse for dying on site 2. 40.- and bring your own product or purchase a T-shirt Language: German (English on request) Note: For people who bring their own clothing, the results may vary due to the material, water and detergent properties contained in the product.

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