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Face reading 13.9.18

"He who knows others is clever, and he who knows himself is wise." Laotse

What questions does face reading answer? Every face is unique. As individual as the person who owns it. The face is a mirror of health, personality and soul. Reading faces helps to recognize and understand the signs and characteristics. A face shows early deficiency, malnutrition or diseases. It reveals the character, our strengths and talents. It gives away thoughts and true feelings. Also our life tasks and destiny show. Face reading is an effective technique that has been successfully practiced in many cultures for thousands of years. Learn more about ancient art with the face reader Patrik Binaghi. Get to know yourself and others better. And discover the world with different eyes.

Patrik Binaghi What does a person think and feel? What is his real need behind the emotions? These questions as well as the strong interest in people in general led Patrik Binaghi to face reading. As a certified personality coach and with the knowledge of the face reading technique, it is his deepest desire to accompany people on their journey through life and to bring them closer to their true nature, their life content and talents. He uses face reading to help people find support, balance and guidance in their private and professional lives. Patrik is the father of a son - Especially the parent-child relationship is very important to him and the language of the face can help immensely.

Date: Thursday 13th September 2018 Time: 7pm

Meeting: ROYAL BLUSH & friends, Gerbergasse 70, Basel

Presentation: app. 1,5 h

Fee: 20.-

Language: German

Extra: Spead readings, app. 10 Min. per person/ 20.-

Language: English

(At the end of the presentation in order of application.)


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