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Herbal Smoke Workshop - 23.11.2018

Updated: Nov 13, 2018

The practice of burning aromatic plants is a unique way to connect with plants and their medicine. It’s an ancient, cross-cultural practice that has been used as part of ceremony, during times of cleansing, for rituals of healing and to mark passages of initiation.

For the context of this workshop, we’ll burn three bioregional plants and speak to the unique essence each plant offers. We’ll also discuss how the practice of burning aromatic plants can deepen the relationships we have with plants and nature.

You’ll leave the workshop with an understanding of how to incorporate smoke medicine in your own personal practice, do's and don'ts plus a hand-crafted herbal smoke bundle and smoke medicine guide around the plants used in the workshop.

Date: Friday, 23/11/2018

Time: 7 – 8.30pm

Location: ROYAL BLUSH & friends, Gerbergasse 70, Basel

Fee: 50.-

Language: English (with German help available)

* All the plants used in this workshop were either harvested from the wild or grown in small, local production with respect for the land and no use of pesticides or fertilizers.

To join, please apply under:

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