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Next workshops in Basel

We create, dye, speak with our higher consciousness and bring our bodies back into their original energetic vibration!

We are happy to offer you more exciting workshops, before our adventure slowlivingbyjk is continuing. Our new life, without a permanent home, can be very enriching & educational, some of which will be integrated in our workshops.

The joy of botanical dyeing, using withered flowers from the gardens made available to me while travelling or with my own food waste, brought beautiful results that I would like to share with you to upgrade your wardrobe. The use and function of essential oils during our 2-month recumbent-bike tour had proven itself and gave my life partner and myself the confidence to completely redesign our travel- toiletry-bag.

We could not miss the opportunity to once again offer one of the beautiful, Tibetan Soundhealings' with Sandra Rüegg in the program, to glide absolutely relaxed into the next week. New in the repertoire is the Akashic Reading with Patrick Moulin, in which he will dedicate an introductory question to the current topic 5G; before the question and answer session opens.

Detailed background information will follow via e-mail approx. 4 weeks before the respective event:

30.09.2019, Botanical Dye Workshop, 10am - 3pm (outdoors) 06.10.2019, Essential Oil Workshop, TOP 10 Oils for Travel Necessaire; Morning 06.10.2019, Talisman Workshop; Afternoon 06.10.2019, Tibetan Soundhealing; Evening 07.10.2019, Akashic Reading; 7pm (Missionsstrasse) 10.10.2019, Akashic Reading; 7.30pm (Martinsgasse) ...

* On request, most courses can also be booked for a private occasion *


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