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Outdoor Botanical Dye Workshop - 13.10.2019

Updated: Sep 27, 2019

Together we roam through the forests of the Lange Erlen, collect what the forest yields, withered flowers, leaves and shriveled berries to create a botanically colored silk carré.

Back at the fire pit, a boiling pot of water and additional plant material from the garden awaits our soon to be prepared bundles. Once the artworks are created and tied with the 'bundle dye' technique, we enjoy a lunch snack and watch nature do the work for us.

After this workshop you will be able to continue to dye and experiment in your own garden; What materials are best suited, how do we extract colors from the collected plants and how do we treat fibers in a natural way - free of chemical helpers.

Date: Sunday 13.10.2019

Time: app. 11am -3/4pm

Host: Jana Keller

Meeting point: Lange Erlen, with parking facilities, tram and bus (see map below)

Language: German & English

Instructions & fee:

Bring your own selection of material, top or blouse, of which we will define the one that suits best. Bio-Snack included.

140.- p.P.

Blouses or yoga shirts are on request available, it may be decided and selected on site.

Clothing & utensils: The course is held completely outside. Wear weather appropriate (dark) clothing, rain coat, hikingshoes or sneakers, scissors or knive and a bag to collect. It is also possible to bring flower petals from your own garden. Pic-nic blanket is available on site, if required you might bring a cushion or camping chair along.

Application under:

Jana Keller

X= our location (fire pit) P= Parking

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