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Smoothies - vitamin booster or adequate meal?

Today, our society is ‘starving’ in front of full plates. For lack of interest in our own diet or simply due to lack of time. Even nutrition-conscious people find it not always easy to provide their bodies with all the necessary nutrients and vital substances.

As a traveling businesswoman, Jana Keller first had to learn how she was able to maintain healthy nutrition and thus her energy level during her sales and production travels. "Most cafes serve croissants & coffee or sweets for breakfast, additionally it is hard to get away from plastic wrapping. The own energy level and the ecological balance are accordingly far from optimal.

The Smoothie Trend has not only simplified Jana's travel arrangements but has also completely changed daily eating habits in everyday life. Smoothies are a great way to replace a meal in summer or to specifically pamper your body with natural nutrients and vital substances.

"I will share my passion, tips and the best smoothie recipes that I have been able to collect and perfect during my travels in a 2.5 hour workshop and give you my personal recipes. You will have the opportunity to experience the benefits of slowjuicing and why a smoothie maker is sometimes indispensable, how to create delicious and nutritious smoothies yourself and how they can consciously influence your mood in the day! We are working on the workshop with two different devices and you can look forward to a sumptuous 'juice menu' with organic ingredients." The course is also suitable for vegans and raw-foodies - please specify when registering.

Date: Wednesday 08/08/2018

Time: 18:00

Location: ROYALBLUSH&friends, Gerbergasse 70, Basel

Duration: 2-2,5 Std.

Participation fee: 48 CHF per person(Students 38.-)

To bring: Apron or dark clothing

Language: German (English translation possible on request)

Register at

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