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The story behind...

A Never Ending Holiday


Why did ROYAL BLUSH & friends have to close, what happened in the last months and how did the story continue? Jana Keller recorded this time of an almost four-year journey into the unknown in her travel notes. A Never Ending Holiday - HOUSE SITTING AROUND THE WORLD' will be published as a book today, 25th of July 2022, and is available in print and as an eBook in English. (A German edition is planned for the end of November)


An inspiring journey of a fashion designer and a programmer leaving their comfortable lives behind; including jobs, home, friends and family, in exchange for the unknown.

An unforeseen circumstance triggers their 180° turn in life, and brings them a one-way-ticket to adventures in lands yet unexplored by them.

Travelling the world as house sitters for an undefined time, they soon realise they can enjoy life on very little and this actually could be a never ending holiday. A magical example of synchronicities; attracting people and events into their lives, beyond their imagination – seen from their original mindset before departure.

“Paradise is not a place, it is what we make of it.”

Join us as we travel the globe; explore wonderful homes, meet inspiring people and adorable pets.

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