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VASTU Introduction 23.01.2019

Updated: Jan 9, 2019

How about if your house could positively affect your life?

You may know the feeling; There are rooms in which one feels completely comfortable and just succeeds in everything. In other buildings, people are constantly ill and suffer one setback after another. With the timeless Vastu architecture, we do not leave the quality of our living and business premises to chance. A space designed according to Vastu principles promotes well-being, health, relationships, success, prosperity and meaning of life.

During the lecture, you'll learn about the basics and principles of Vastu and some practical tips on how to redesign your home to benefit from the more organized Vastu energy.

But maybe you have been dreaming of your own personal home for a long time?

We are convinced that your dream home can and should be implemented without compromise. That's why we brought a team of experts and creative minds to the table. Our full focus: Thinking about living outside. The result: SmartSmallHouse, the healthy and energy efficient little Vastu house. More personal freedom and smaller ecological footprint thanks to downsizing, without compromising the quality of life and living!

Date: Wednesday, January 23rd, 2019 Time: from 18:45 to app. 20:30 Meeting point: ROYALBLUSH & friends, Gerbergasse 70, Basel Contribution: 20.- Language: German Registration:

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