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VASTU residential consulting

What if your house had a positive impact on your life?

Vāstu is the traditional, timeless Vedic teaching of living and architecture, whose writings are over 5000 years old. This knowledge is based on scientific factors such as mathematics, geometry, material elements and subtle laws of nature.

A teaching which, according to Dr V. Ganapati Sthapati, became increasingly forgotten and was only practiced holistically by a few masters. Ultimately, he decided to spread this knowledge further himself, by taking up the English translation directly from Sanskrit.

Unfortunately, in the past year in particular, many people had to experience in a not always pleasant way, that not every home is necessarily equally suitable for a longer stay. Many were used to leave the apartment in the morning to come home in the evening. While frequenting our home, we may have hardly noticed certain discrepancies or we may not even come to the idea of ​​associating a feeling with the property, house or rented apartment. Not feeling a dissonance in the first place, doesn’t mean we wouldn’t benefit from a Vastu oriented home. On the contrary, a plot of land, a built house or an apartment designed according to Vastu principles promotes well-being, health and prosperity for all family members in all areas of life and may surprise one or the other with a new feeling of home.

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The training to become a Vastu residental consultant came to me 'by chance'. A year after I invited Marc Lüllmann, now a friend and teacher, to the 'ROYAL BLUSH & friends' for a lecture about Vastu, I first found out about the training and registered spontaneously. The interest was initially based on curiosity to learn more about it and to be able to integrate what I had learned into my everyday life. How can it be that Vastu has so much influence on our well-being and so few know about the existence of this science?

I was so fascinated by the millennia-old teaching that I learned and soon realized that I would like to contribute to spreading this healing knowledge by helping people to use the energy in their home optimally in order to be in harmony with themselves to live with the family and the surrounding nature. When the opportunity arose to join Marc Lüllmann's VASTU ARCHITECTURE team of consultants, I went for it. I was lucky enough to be implementing analyzes and consultations during my training, from single rooms to therapy rooms to dream houses with lots of surrounding land. I would be happy to analyze also your home, giving optimization tips or advise on the purchase of a property, with or without a house.

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Ready for a change? I would like to give the first 3 customers a 15% EARLY BIRD discount for a VASTU consulting. To support your well-being, making your time at home even more harmonious right now! Please send us a few lines about what needs to be improving in your home or well-being and any documents you may have under the subject 'EARLY BIRD'. I will get back to you within a couple of days!

To see the Website in English, please press the button & copy the URL into GOOGLE TRANSLATE

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate in contacting me directly via my consulting page (s. button above)



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