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Voices from another world - 30.8.18

The sound of the crystals.

Elia Gilli gives a voice to the souls of stones. As a shamanic practitioner, she has the opportunity to connect with the souls of the stones and the souls of the crystals. She listens to them and forwards their messages.

She is no more than a middleman - she says. Listen for yourself, let yourself be touched by the souls of the crystals, the stones. Listen to their stories. Learn more about an unusual book and how it came about. Immerse yourself in fascinating worlds and other times. Forget about here and now and live one evening in another reality. Diving into other worlds requires a willingness to embark on something new, perhaps something unknown. To go new ways requires trust and courage. May the stories of the crystals open hearts so that something new can emerge in this world. Elia Gilli reads from her book "The Sound of Crystals" and presents messages of stones and crystals that she has received especially for this occasion. You will also have the opportunity to connect and immerse yourself in the world of a crystal in a guided meditation.


Date: Thursday 30.08.2018

Time: 7pm

Meeting point: ROYAL BLUSH, Gerbergasse 70, Basel

Duration: approx. 2h

Bring along: curiosity, openness and questions (comfortable clothing)

Fee: 25.-

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